College Football ($6 for 1KILO of Wings, 50%off Pizza)

Date & Time:
November 11 · 11:00 AM —
11:00 PM


Indiana plays at noon, Purdue plays at 3:30pm and Michigan State vs. Ohio at 7:30pm is setting up for a perfect day to HANG!  You read that right; all day we will have a Kilogram of wings for $6 and our brick oven pizza will be 50% off.  Why would you go anywhere else ?  You wouldn't!

We'll have amplified audio of the game broadcasted over our 150" screen! (and many other tvs throughout)  Did we mention we also have golf simulators, crafting classes you can do during the game and many other drinking games throughout our 7,500ft of space right downtown Indy.  We've got a full bar and the best bar food in the city.  Brick oven pizza, fresh chicken quesadillas, tendies/fries, nachos and our crowd favorite, Spare Tire Rolls (Think cinnamon rolls, but pizza).  Come Hang!

The games we'll have on:
Indiana at Illinois: noon
Minnesota at Purdue: 3:30pm
Michigan at Penn State: noon
Michigan State at Ohio State: 7:30pm

If you want something else just let us know and we'll dedicate a TV for ya!

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