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We are Indy locals. We are young, ambitious, eager to innovate, fail, learn, grow and develop awesome experiences along the way. We are on a mission to make Indianapolis experiences better for Hoosiers and visitors alike.

Why do we do it?

It’s fun! It makes us happy to serve Hoosiers and visitors to Indy in unique ways that bring people together.


We design uniquely Indy experiences for our guests. Then we focus on our team because any one of our experiences is only as good as the person helping you to enjoy. We are guided by our team values:

  • Be a great teammate to each other, our customers and our community.
  • Make it fun
  • Obliterate expectations
  • See challenges as opportunities for “WOW” moments


The TEAM. The Hangar was born and grown thanks to its diverse team of thinkers, doers and hard workers. Because our employees are #1, we thought you might want to know who’s more important to us than you. Hear us out.

We aim to obliterate expectations for our employees, by going above and beyond for them. Our goal is to provide more value from the job than a team member would expect. In turn, we attract and retain awesome people. Then those awesome people serve awesome customers like yourselves, in awesome ways. It's our not-so-secret recipe that we’ll gladly share because it's not the idea that matters, it's the execution.


Since 2012, we have provided hundreds of thousands of guests with experiences that put smiles on faces and leave them with memories shared with family, friends, coworkers or customers.

Guests can ride around on one of eight mobile bars built in Amsterdam, cruise across town on a tandem e-bike, picnic in a local park or play the most iconic golf courses in the world on our indoor golf sims.

Pick from a variety of crafts we have available on-site and make a new creation, learn how to craft the perfect cocktail or even learn how to make a brick-oven pizza on our Italian pizza oven!

Stay tuned, we will never be done working on new experiences for you.

Meet The Crew

Adam “Cap” Wiese

General Manager
When the going gets tough, Adam was already going and will keep going. Born and raised in Indy, Adam has a shared vision and passion for making Indy a better place.

Adam joined the team in 2019 as a Bar Handler and quickly took on more responsibility, eventually becoming the General Manager for The HandleBar in 2021 and now all Hangar/HandleBar Experiences.

He recently married the love of his life Kristin, and they just had a beautiful baby a few days before The Hangar opened! As we said, when the going gets tough, Adam was already going. So was Kristin.

Brian Lindsay

Brian (the older Lindsay bro) was all in on day 1. In July of 2012, upon receiving one slow-to-load grainy photo (sent via Motorola Razr) of a mobile bar Steve sent, Brian responded “I’m in.” It’s been a wild, and oddly fast, ride ever since.

Brian is the ultimate team player, doing whatever is required for the team to succeed. He has a special knack for customer experience, and capturing those special moments has become his forte. He leads The Hangar’s marketing and branding efforts today. Scope our IG, TikTok and FB accounts — if you see something you like, theres a good chance it came from this guys’ noggin.

No bio would be complete without a massive tip of the cap to his better half, Sarah, and their daughter. Her support of Brian knows no limit. Case and point: she took over all customer comms while pregnant and the boys were stretched thin.

Stephen Lindsay

Lead Server, Co-Founder
Steve’s earned his Hoosier title, although originally from a small town in Northern Michigan (Ludington). Rolls-Royce brought him to Indy in 2010 where he worked across the street from what would become The Hangar for 5 years as a test engineer on military aircraft engines.

In 2015, Steve went all in on The HandleBar, leaving Rolls-Royce and walking across the street for a more technical role: Bar Handler. As fun as it was, the void of supporting a military platform helped push Steve to join the Indiana Army National Guard in 2019 where he still serves as a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot.

He is marrying the love of his life, Marilee, in March 2024. An interesting side note, their 2nd date was actually at The Hangar, it just wasnt called that yet. Steve lived upstairs and they made pizza together — a unique experience that The Hangar team actually plans to offer to guests as well!

partnerships: keepin’ it indy

Our community here in Indianapolis rocks, so we roll with some of the best local partners in town. Want to partner with The Hangar? We’re always open to new ideas, just drop us a line.

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We get it. There’s just too many cool things to do at The Hangar. If you want help building your all-day Indy experience, give us a shout and we will steer you in the right direction.
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